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Montagne d’ambre national park

Montagne d'Ambre National Park

Joffre Ville, gateway to the Montagne d’Ambre National Park, is a small station southwest of Diego founded early in the century by Marshal Joffre. Synonymous with rest and freshness over 700 meters above sea level, the resort is known for its famous litchi on the Big Island. Visitors can find several attractions: the presence of a microclimate of a tropical wet evergreen rainforest, forest tracks, crater lakes, botanical trail, waterfalls and views. 7 species of lemurs, and a variety of endemic terrestrial species that can be observed in their natural habitat. 12 species of small mammals, 75 species of birds of which 35 are endemic, 49 species of reptiles and 24 species of amphibians …
These include: the crowned lemur, who will meet you; Brookesia sp, one of the smallest chameleon in the world; Microcebus sp, which is the smallest primate in the world, the fosa the largest carnivorous mammal of Madagascar, butterflies, boa, endemic birds … that you will discover with patience and luck …
The Massif plays a prominent role in the water supply of the entire northern region of Madagascar. Protected since 1920 as a ranger station, and the first protected National Park in Madagascar in 1958, the park managed first by the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) since 1985 and today MNP (Madagascar National Parks) to measure the issue of nature conservation in Madagascar.
The Montagne d’Ambre National Parc, which rises to 1475 m, covering an area of 18,200 ha, includes endemic species and specific flora and fauna. By walk on the forest trail (3 km), bordered by gigantic trees, strangler figs tree ferns, moss and lichens, we can reach the viewpoint (alt. 965 m) of the Grand Cascade waterfall 82 m, which ends in a caldera, where we will visit the likelihood of lemurs. Then we take the trail Botanical, “the Way of Miles Trees.” (1400 m) where you will have the opportunity to identify in a same area, many species of trees, woods, orchids, plants medicines.

Practical advice for the excursion: long trousers, tee-shirt with sleeves, , k-way ou rain wears, warm clothing or pullover, sun lotion, sun glasses, Mosquito repellent and trainers.


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