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The massif of Ankarana is dominated by attractive limestone karst formations called locally “Tsingy”, it extends on a little over 20km on the west coast. We count an underground complex network, extending over nearly 120km.
Ankarana is home of 13 species of bats, 10 species of Lemurs (Crowned Lemur and Brown Lemur), and 92 species of birds. The specific fauna, adapted to the life caves, gives to Ankarana its particular character. Ankarana preserves a dense, tropical deciduous forest with spiny forests, baobabs, tall trees.
Rare and endemic birds and many species found their holiday cottage in the reserve, as the fosa, the unique predator of the species of the family of Felidae in Madagascar.
We begin the visit by exploring “The rivers Loss” (gigantic hole in stratified layers in which rainwater rushes) and its naturally eroded “amphitheatre” (500 m), rich in fossils through a dry deciduous vegetation of Baobab and Euphorbia. Then we will continue with the discovery of the “Tsingy Rary” and the visit of the “Tsingy Turret” (3 hour-walks on a track without vertical drop in the shade of trees) as Ankarana is described as a new discovery at each turn.

Practical advice for the excursion: long trousers, tee-shirt with sleeves, , k-way ou rain wears, warm clothing or pullover, sun lotion, sun glasses, Mosquito repellent and trainers.


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